Paulson-Willy Limited

Paulson-Willy Limited is a safety specialist in spill containment and material handling, from chemical transport to chemical storage and spill clean-up. We offer one stop solution:

-        Spill (oil or chemical) classification

-        Hazardous spill control and clean-up

-        Spill cleanup and transport

-        Chemical Storage and staff training

-        Material Handling Truck, Vending Machine Truck, Data Centre Lifting Truck

We are supplying activated carbon, classifiers, chemical neutralizer, solidifiers, absorbent, wipes, quick clean up products, spill containment pallets and material handling trucks. We are the representative of state-of-art manufacturers for the area of Hong Kong, China and South East Asia countries, including Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Brunei, East Timor, Myanmar), Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand.:

1. Ultra tech Hong Kong, China, South East Asia (the best spill pallet for oil and chemical spillage protection)

 Ultra Tech Spill Containment product line is the most extensive in the industry, to capture hazardous material spills from a wide variety of vessels, including laboratory bottles, drums, IBC tanks, stationary tanks, machinery, tanker trucks and railcars. Products includes: Spill Containment, Storm Water Management, Spill Response & Decon, Microbes, Oil Spill Cleanup Solution, Facility Protection, Radioactive waste management. Product is made in US and we offer a 5-year warranty on all of rotationally molded, spill containment products. The only one of its kind in the industry.

Spill Containment for IBS, Totes and tanks: The Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet Plus provides economical and portable spill containment for IBCs, tanks and other large containers. A 365-gallon containment sump helps meet EPA and SPCC spill containment regulations.

Storage Drum Safely Outdoors: Meet spill containment regulations for up to four 55-gallon drums. Easy access to drums inside with roll top doors.

Spill Containment Berms: Versatile spill containment for vehicles, drums, IBCs, totes, frac tanks and other containers. Eight different Spill Containment Berm models to choose from each offering its own unique advantage. Available in standard and custom sizes.


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What we are:



Key Products:

Spill Containment Pallets, Spill Decks, Hard Top Spill Pallets, IBC pallets, Spill Containment Berms, Storm water management, Spill response, Over Pack, Repair putty, microbes, facility protections, drum funnels, rail road spill control, cable protectors.



2. Gentoo ™  Hong Kong, China, South East Asia

Gentoo is the next generation of corrosion-resistant and easy-cleaning coatings. With its combination of high performing abrasion resistance and very low sliding angle, Gentoo excels where other coatings have fallen short. Traditional hydrophobic coatings are clear and abrasion resistant, but do not shed fluid easily. Superhydrophobic coatings are generally great at shedding water, but are not clear, and are easily removed. Whether it’s abrasion resistance, oil repellency or visual clarity, conventional coatings have their limitations. Gentoo changes that. Gentoo is a clear coating that not only repels water but most oils and solvents. It is also able to withstand significant abrasion without sacrificing performance.


Adhesion & Durability

Gentoo has robust adhesion to painted, plated, and bare metallic substrates, as well as glass and surface primed plastics. The coating has demonstrated excellent resistance to salt spray, UV exposure,and chemical exposure – significant improvements over traditional hydrophobic coatings.


Corrosion Resistance

When used on top of other qualified systems, Gentoo further reduces corrosion and extends the lifetime of the barrier system and therefore the coated substrate. This is due to its excellent water and salt shedding properties and impact resistance. These properties also significantly reduce the effects of galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metals.


Easy Cleaning

The low sliding angle combined with the high dirt and solvent resistance of the coating allows for easy cleaning of many surfaces with less water.  See the video below to see testing that was done to test Gentoo for anti-graffiti applications.


Application video:


 In general, Gentoo will have very strong opportunities in these following areas:

1. Anti-Corrosion

2. Self-Cleaning/Easy cleaning

3. Anti-Smudge/Anti-Fingerprint

4. Coating electronics

5. Anti-Paint/Anti-Graffiti – deters taggers, not just makes it easy to clean up graffiti

6. Coating lens – on cars, glasses, masks, etc.

7. Coating light covers

8. Clear coat for cars, buses trucks and trains.

9. Mining equipment

10. Signs

11. Antiquities

12. Coat areas you need to repel paint, chemicals, permanent markers, etc.


Applications where Gentoo has been effective:

1. Anti-graffiti on smooth painted surfaces.

2. Anti-Permanent marker on smooth surfaces.

3. Waterproofing of electronics on motherboard of drones.

4. Used as a clear coat on painted surfaces of vehicles and glass on vehicles.

5. Used as a coating on windshields to allow water to drain off rapidly.

6. Used to coat paint hooks and allow the paint to be easily removed.

7. Used on surfaces to make paint easier to clean off.


Hydrophobic Data

Contact Angle

Watershedding (50μl)












Transparency Data



Untreated Acrylic



Gentoo Coated Acrylic



Untreated Glass



Gentoo Coated Glass



Taber Abrasion Test After Abrasion (500 cycles)



Untreated Polyurethane



Gentoo Coated Polyurethane



Gentoo Coated Polyurethane



Untreated Acrylic



Gentoo Coated Acrylic






3. Spilfyter Hong Kong, China, South East Asia (the most effective Sorbents, Spill Kits, Wipes, and Specialty Spill Control products in the industry)

NPS Corp manufactures sorbents, wipers, spill kits, and specialty spill control products in US. The company also provides bath tissues, folded towels, and roll towels; and expandable products, roll products, custom products, and versa-pak products.

Founded in 1996 in Green Bay, Wisconsin, NPS is committed to providing high-quality products, responsive service and exceptional value. We utilized state-of-the-art equipment and operate out of more than 300,000-square-feet of space to manufacture not only the best products in the industry, but also to ensure delivery of the products you need - when and where you need them. Our focus is on you, our customer. As a result, we have experienced remarkable growth through customer support and commitment. NPS has also been a past winner of the Prestigious SBA Award given by the Federal Government for Small Businesses that show exceptional growth via the SBA Loan Program.


What we are:



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Key Products

Maintenance absorbent, hazmat absorbent, oil absorbent (pad, rolls, socks); spill kits, neutralizer, chemical waste bags, DRC fold wipe, mercury amalgamation powder, hands-in-bag; chemical classifiers, solidifiers



4. Wesco Hong Kong, China, South East Asia (drum handling equipment, hand trucks, lift equipment, Stair climber, platform trucks, Powered Truck, dock & shipping equipment)

Wesco Industrial Products, Inc. was founded in 1948 in Philadelphia, PA. Originally named Welding Service and Equipment Co., the name was shortened to Wesco after a few years. The company moved to its present location in North Wales, PA in 1961. Starting with the design and manufacture of steel hand trucks and then expanding into drum handling equipment, the company has built a solid reputation for dependable, well-made products. We still make many of those early products today, plus a full line of vending and appliance trucks, platform trucks, stackers, pedalifts and lift tables. Wesco also designs and manufactures custom material handling equipment to address specific customer needs. Our product line has grown steadily over the years and we have supplemented our full lines of hand trucks, drum trucks and pallet jacks with an assortment of industrial material handling products such as plastic box carts, U-boats, service carts, wood dollies, shelf carts, machinery movers and scissor lifts. In 2007, Wesco acquired Lexco Engineering and Manufacturing Co., which specializes in custom designed lift tables serving the tool and die market. From its humble beginnings in a small garage in Philadelphia, Wesco has grown to become a leading supplier of quality material handling products. Wesco is famous for the drum truck, pallet truck, stair climber, drum lifter.

It also manufactures non-sparking (explosive proof) hand pump for drum, drum opener / wrenches / deheaders for oil transport.



What we are:






Key Products

A – Drum Handling:

-      Drum Trucks - Steel & Aluminum, Pail Truck, Pail Tipper, Drum Dollies - Steel, Aluminum, Polypropylene, Stainless Steel Drum Dollies,

-       Drum Trucks, Carriers, Dispensers, Knock Down (KD) Drum Trucks, Drum Racks, Cradles, Drum Lifters, Universal Drum Lifter, Drum Slings and Dispensers,

-       Gator Grip® Drum Grab, Triple Truck Drum Attachment , Ergonomic Drum Handlers, Fork Drum Grabs, Fork Truck Drum Dispensers, Poly Drum Lifters,

-       FM Approved Drum Faucets, Valves, Vents, Gauges, Wires, Drum Wrenches, Deheaders, Pumps, Drip Pans,


B – Hand Truck

-       100 Series Industrial Duty Steel Hand Trucks, Convertible Steel Hand Trucks, Greenline Standard Duty Steel Hand Trucks,

-       Touch-N-Tilt® Trucks, Heavy Duty Steel Hand Trucks, Economy, Tilting, High Frame Hand Trucks, Curb Ramps,

-       Aluminum Cobra-Lite Hand Trucks, Options, Components, Handles, Aluminum Cobra-Lite Design it Yourself,

-       Aluminum Cobra Convertible, Spartan Economy Convertible, Spartan Shelf Carts, Mini Cobra, 3 Position Cobra, Spartan III, Powered CobraPro, Options,

-       Power LiftKar HD Stairclimbing Trucks, Power LIFTKAR SAL Stairclimbing Trucks, Stairking Stair Climbing Trucks,

-       Vending & Appliance Trucks, Steel & Aluminum, Standard & Heavy Duty, Cylinder Trucks and Carts, Drum Hand Trucks, Wesco® Wheels,


C – Lift Equipment

-        Pallet Trucks Manual & Powered, Pallet Jack Chock, Backrest Guards, Steel Pedalifts: Winch & Hydraulic,

-        Cylinder & Universal Lifts, Hydraulic & Winch Lite Lifts, Triple Truck, Aluminum Pedalifts, Hand Winch Lifts,

-        Platform Stackers, Thrifty Stackers, Drum & 1,000 lb Winch Stackers, Fork Stackers, Manual & Electric Value Lifts, Office Lifts, Mini Winch Stacker,

-        Counter-Balance Powered Stackers, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 lb Capacity Powered Stackers - Platform, Fork, Fixed & Adjustable Base Legs, Telescoping Fork Stackers,

-        Wesco® Lift Tables, Capacities from 200 to 6000 lb Manual and Powered Lift, Lexco® Hydraulic Lift Tables & Die Handlers, Scissors Lift Tables & Die Lift Table,

-        Trolleys, Pallet Leveler, Rais-N-Rol™ Machinery Movers,


D – Platform Trucks & Cart

-        Platform Trucks - Aluminum, Steel Grid, Steel, Narrow Aisle Shelf Cart, Power Drive Platform Truck,

-        Wire Cage & Package Platform, Panel Carts,

-        Aluminum, Steel, Wood U-Boats, Folding-Handle Platform Trucks; Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Plastic & Steel Service Carts,

-        Wire Basket & Table Top Office Carts, File Cabinet Truck, Desk Mover, Plastic Platform, Lightweight Folding Trucks,

-        Heavy Duty Machine Dolly & Rollers, Plastic Box Trucks, Casters, Bumpers, Handles, Wood Dollies, Tilt Carts


E – Dock & Shipping

-        Dock Lights / Strapping Truck and Tools,

-        Strip Doors,

-        NSF Approved Wire Shelving & Accessories,

-        Trailer Stabilizing Jacks / Cargo Bars / Pallet Pullers,

-        Transfer Cart/Fork Extensions/Maintenance Platform,



5. Mr Mckenic (Hong Kong, China, South East Asia)

Mr McKenic® – 9-in-1 Technology Oil is a multi-functional product with a wide variety of applications with its lubricating, corrosion-inhibiting, penetrating and cleaning properties. An effective solution in many situations from lubricating moving parts to maintenance of equipment, Mr McKenic® – 9-in-1 Technology Oil is an essential product in every tool box. Technically formulated with a low surface tension, Mr McKenic® – 9-in-1 Technology Oil has the ability to penetrate deeply and quickly to break up hardened grease, rust and dirt that cause friction. This excellent penetrating action frees seized mechanisms swiftly, leaving a lubricating film that further reduces frictional resistance to smoothen motion. Hence, effectively eliminates squeaks without any sticky residues. In addition to the lubricating property, this hydrophobic film of Mr McKenic® – 9-in-1 Technology Oil displaces moisture from wet components, helps to reduce equipment servicing downtimes and prevents any potential electrical failure when water comes into contact with electrical connections. This protective layer contains a package of corrosion inhibitors which makes Mr McKenic® – 9-in-1 Technology Oil an excellent anti-rust agent. Frequent applications will prevent corrosion from setting in, minimize effects of wear & tear or overheating of equipments and hence, in the long run, helps extend the lifespan of machinery.


Advantage: Biodegradable, No bad smell, anti-rusting, non-flammable, long last lubrication performance, cleaning power, CFC free

Our esteemed clients: SIA, Lexus, SMRT, Comfort Delgro, Power Seraya, Caterpillar, Sembawang Shipyard, ST Kinetics, Schlumberger, Shell and Exxon Mobil






use1.jpgLubricates & Silences Squeaks

Excellent penetrating action allows product to quickly lubricate gears, hinges, locks, zippers, tools and chains. Effectively eliminates squeaks and leaves no sticky residue.

use2.jpgReleases Stuck Mechanisms

Super penetrating action works quickly to free stuck or seized parts, such as jammed wheel nuts, gears and other mechanisms, thereby allowing equipment to run smoothly.

use3.jpgDisplaces Moisture

Effectively drives out moisture on wet equipments such as electrical contacts, spark plugs on motorcycle engines and power tools.

use4.jpgRemoves & Prevents Rust

 Breaks down rust to release seized or rusted metal parts, such as bolts, nuts, cables, valves and fasteners.

use5.jpgCleans & Protects

 Breaks down hardened grease, tar, dirt and carbon stains to clean surfaces and form a corrosion-resistant barrier to help prevent rust and extends the operating life of equipment.



6. Magliner Manufacturing (Hong Kong, China, South East Asia (proven hand truck for Coca Cola soft drink companies with light aluminum hand truck for soft drink industry transportation) since 1947

Magline is the world’s leading manufacturer of route distribution solutions—and much more. We’re a committed partner in helping to grow your business. By listening to your challenges first, our team can work with you to develop the right solutions that fit your unique distribution needs.

Two-Wheel Hand Trucks

Magliner extrusions are made from aircraft aluminum alloy tempered for high strength and optimum ductility manufactured to Aluminum Association Standards Magliner steel components are high carbon content plated to premium grade condition of ASTM specification Magliner wheels include a proprietary sealed bearing with lifetime lubrication. All wheels incorporate tread compounds designed for durability and high coefficient of friction to provide long life and easy rolling Ergonomically designed hand grip developed with input from NIOSH All two-wheel hand trucks can be personalized to deter theft and promote company


Convertible Trucks

38”, 51” and 54” bed lengths and capacities up to 1,250 pounds Stronger, simpler locking activation mechanism Heavier extruded cross-section adds exceptional strength and impact resistance Multiple tread types and optional brakes make loading and delivery convenient and safe Stampings reduce maintenance and lower cost of ownership.


Brake Trucks

Provides optimal load control of hand truck on an incline in wet or dry environments Braking from gradual slowing to a complete stop is controlled by operator hand pressure Low stretch steel aircraft cable offers self balancing pressure Adjustments, if needed, are completed with basic hand tools Stops 60% better than competing brands


Bottle Water Hand Truck

Patented four and five tray configurations High strength rust-free aluminum construction Each style designed to manage bottles, coolers and BIBs with ease Trayless option cradles bottles for safe handling


Powered Stair Climber

A self-contained, 24 volt battery powered hand truck designed to climb stairs quickly and safely with load capacities up to 375 lbs. Climbs up to 35 steps per minute. Rate of climb and climbing activity controlled by operator hand controls, operator adjusts for the conditions and complexity of the environment AC or DC charging capabilities Ergonomically designed to promote proper posture and reduce awkward motions by operators Significantly reduces likelihood of RSI’s (repetitive strain injury) by reducing effort of moving product up and down stairs Provides controlled movement of product both up and down steps


Bulk Delivery Truck

Sturdy, 6000 series all aluminum welded construction designed to take the abuse of over the road travel in a truck when fully loaded Robotically welded five-box construction is engineered for durability, longevity and extreme use High efficiency thermo-plastic rubber casters make the unit very maneuverable and capable of rotating within its own length Rounded handle extrusion minimizes blunt edge contact with hands 3 Year Warranty


- Glyde ™ hand truck

- Special Application Trucks

- Convertible Hand Truck

- Self-Stabilizing ™ Hand Truck

- Liftplus ™ System

- Curb Ramps

- Platform Trucks

- Coolift

- Ramps

- Dollies

- Magloc ® Containment



-        Lift and durable

-        Safe and stable, save manpower

-        Proven job reference with international soft drink companies

-        Made in USA

-        Hand truck ergonomic design for logistic, transport






7. Beech Design & Manufacturing ( Hong Kong, China, South East Asia)


Designed for applications where it is desirable to access material from the top, Beech Design & Manufacturing's Straddle and Counterweighted Cranes are designed and manufactured for longer life and maximum safety. We offer two models of cranes in a variety of sizes. Our Straddle Cranes are designed for narrower loads, while our Counterweighted Cranes are perfect for loads that may not fit between the crane's legs.



Cranes Designed for applications where it is desirable to access material from the top, Beech Design & Manufacturing's Straddle and Counterweighted Cranes are designed and manufactured for longer life and maximum safety. We offer two models of cranes in a variety of sizes. Our Straddle Cranes are designed for narrower loads, while our Counterweighted Cranes are perfect for loads that may not fit between the crane's legs. From 500 lbs to 2,000 lbs and counterbalance range;

-Straddle Crane

-Counterbalance Crane

Range up to 2,000 lbs and to 137” height


lift tables.png

Lift Tables Beech Design offers two collections of hydraulically operated lift tables capable lifting loads up to 25,000 pounds. Our Beech line is custom engineered to meet very specific requirements of our customers' applications. They have been used to lift motorcycles, battery cells and other heavy industrial products. The LoadRedi™ line features four standard designs, engineered to suit a variety of applications.


LoadRedi™ Lift Tables and Tilt/Turn Tables Beech LoadRedi lift tables are designed to lower your material handling costs and increase productivity with many standard features, such as Velocity fuse-equipped cylinder, outriggers for wide platforms. Choose from a variety of lift tables in the LoadRedi line, including Mid-Duty Scissor Lifts, Light Duty and Portable Scissor Lifts, as well as Tilt Tables. All are designed and built to ANSI MH 29.1 specifications and use NEMA/IEC rated electrical components.


Lift Table Accessories Available in stainless steel Foot Control Oversized Platform Turntable Toe Guards Remote Mounted Power Unit Accordion Skirts Washdown Applications Air Motor Stabilizing Outrigger Legs Single and 3-Phase Power Portability Units for Moving Empty Lifts.



Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors Save up to 75% of a freight elevator's cost with a Beech Design Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC). Space-efficient, versatile and easy-to-install, our MATERIALIFT® VRCs offer virtually unlimited vertical travel, speeds up to 80 FPM for fast cycle times, and standard capacities up to 20,000 pounds - and even more with a custom engineered unit. Our extensive line of Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors can save you up to 75% of a freight elevator’s cost. They’re ideal for moving materials from one elevation to another. Beech Design & Manufacturing offers a choice of systems, accessories and custom engineered options to suit hundreds of different applications. And only Beech can bring you the kind of durability and reliable service that comes from decades of experience in lifting and material handling systems.


Hydraulic Lifts Beech hydraulic vertical reciprocating conveyors offer a durable and economical means for lifting materials to mezzanines and other two-level applications requiring moderate duty cycles. All of our hydraulic vertical reciprocating conveyors are built to last with wide flange structural uprights, heavy-duty chains and pillow block bearings, and a common torsion shaft for our dual-cylinder design. Standard safety features include safety cams and velocity fuses to prevent uncontrolled descent of the lifting carriage in the unlikely event of a chain or hydraulic hose failure. Beech hydraulic vertical reciprocating conveyors are available with standard capacities of up to 6,000 pounds and travels up to 24’. They are also available in both a straddle-type (MLH-Series) and cantilever-type (MLHC-Series) design.


Mechanical Lifts Beech mechanical vertical reciprocating conveyors offer a durable and economical means for lifting materials in multi-level and/or high speed applications. All of our mechanical vertical reciprocating conveyors are built to last with wide flange structural uprights, heavy-duty chains and pillow block bearings, and a top of the line fail-safe brakemotor. Standard safety features include safety cams to prevent uncontrolled descent of the lifting carriage in the unlikely event of a chain failure and slack chain sensors which shuts down the lift and engages the brake if a lifting chain becomes slack. Beech mechanical vertical reciprocating conveyors are available with standard capacities of up to 20,000 pounds and virtually unlimited vertical travels. They are available in straddle-type (MLM-Series), cantilever-type (MLMC-Series) , heavy-duty four-post (ML4M-Series), and light-duty (LM-Series) designs.




Power Driven Beech Design & Manufacturing Power Driven Cranes and Stackers are designed and manufactured for safety, ergonomics and durability. Built to exacting quality standards, our Power Driven equipment is second to none. All Beech Power Driven equipment is engineered to be low-maintenance for true ease of ownership - just check the battery's water level, grease the wheels and plug in the charger. Beech stocks the correct replacement parts, should they be needed.


Beech Design & Manufacturing was formed in 1996 as a division of Miller Studio, Incorporated. MSI has 75 years of experience in manufacturing and distribution. The Beech Design & Manufacturing Division designs and manufactures premium material handling equipment. Both standard models and custom built units, designed to solve special problems, are available. Our focus is on the industrial / professional market; therefore, our equipment must meet exceptionally high standards for quality and safety. We do this by exceeding the ASME and ANSI design and testing standards set for the various types of machines we build. We market our equipment only through material handling and industrial supply distributors. Call for pricing and availability. P.O. Box 947 • New Philadelphia, Ohio, 44663-5245 • (800) 726-9491 ©2012 Beech Design & Manufacturing | | (800) 7269491



8. Vestil Manufacturing Corporation (Hong Kong, China, South East Asia)

Vestil Manufacturing Corporation is an industry leader in the manufacturing and distributing of industrial material handling equipment. We feature over 1,000 different product lines, many of which are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. We stand behind our products with people that listen to our customer’s needs and find the best solution for their application. We deliver value to our customers by engineering new designs and products which increase productivity, improve workplace ergonomics, and decrease worker injury. Vestil presently has 415+ employees and over 1,000,000 square feet of warehouse and manufacturing space. We provide a broad product line to our customers in an efficient manner allowing for the best possible customer experience.

Company profile:


Catalog :


Key products

1.     Vestil Loading dock equipment

2.     Vestil Ergonomic Solution

3.     Vestil Packaging equipment

4.     Vestil Gantry and Jib Cranes

5.     Vesti Fork Truck Attachment

6.     Vestil Steel Hoppers

7.     Vestil Industrial Ladders

8.     Vestil Protective Barriers

9.     Vestil Drum Handling Equipment

10.  Vestil Industrial Carts and Dollies

11.  Vestil Storage Solutions

12.  Vestil Facilities Maintenances







  Hong Kong:


 Office (852) 3182 6948

Hong Kong (香港): Mr CHOI               (852) 9627 9480


 Unit 1104A, 11/F, Kai Tak Comm. Bldg.

317-319 Des Voeux Road Central, HK


We are the representative of Wesco Mfg, Ultra Tech, Spilfyter, Mr Mckenic, Vestil. in the region of Hong Kong, China, Mongolia, South East Asia Countries (including Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Taiwan, Indonesia, India,Sri Lanka, Brunei, East Timor, Myanmar), Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand.

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