Paulson-Willy Limited

Paulson-Willy Limited is a safety specialist in spill containment and material handling, from chemical transport to chemical storage and spill clean-up. We offer one stop solution:

-        Spill (oil or chemical) classification, Spilfyter (now branded as Fytertech)

-        Hazardous spill control and clean-up,

-        Spill cleanup and transport

-        Chemical Storage and staff training, Ultratech Spill Containment

-        Material Handling Truck, Vending Machine Truck, Data Centre Lifting Truck

We are supplying activated carbon, classifiers, chemical neutralizer, solidifiers, absorbent, wipes, quick clean up products, spill containment pallets and material handling trucks. We are the representative of state-of-art manufacturers for the area of Asia area, including Hong Kong, China and South East Asia countries, including Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Brunei, East Timor, Myanmar), Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand.:

1. Wesco (drum handling equipment, hand trucks, lift equipment, Stair climber, platform trucks, Powered Truck, dock & shipping equipment)

Wesco Industrial Products, Inc. was founded in 1948 in Philadelphia, PA. Originally named Welding Service and Equipment Co., the name was shortened to Wesco after a few years. The company moved to its present location in North Wales, PA in 1961. Starting with the design and manufacture of steel hand trucks and then expanding into drum handling equipment, the company has built a solid reputation for dependable, well-made products. We still make many of those early products today, plus a full line of vending and appliance trucks, platform trucks, stackers, pedalifts and lift tables. Wesco also designs and manufactures custom material handling equipment to address specific customer needs. Our product line has grown steadily over the years and we have supplemented our full lines of hand trucks, drum trucks and pallet jacks with an assortment of industrial material handling products such as plastic box carts, U-boats, service carts, wood dollies, shelf carts, machinery movers and scissor lifts. In 2007, Wesco acquired Lexco Engineering and Manufacturing Co., which specializes in custom designed lift tables serving the tool and die market. From its humble beginnings in a small garage in Philadelphia, Wesco has grown to become a leading supplier of quality material handling products. Wesco is famous for the drum truck, pallet truck, stair climber, drum lifter.

It also manufactures non-sparking (explosive proof) hand pump for drum, drum opener / wrenches / deheaders for oil transport.



What we are:






Key Products

A – Drum Handling:

-      Drum Trucks - Steel & Aluminum, Pail Truck, Pail Tipper, Drum Dollies - Steel, Aluminum, Polypropylene, Stainless Steel Drum Dollies,

-       Drum Trucks, Carriers, Dispensers, Knock Down (KD) Drum Trucks, Drum Racks, Cradles, Drum Lifters, Universal Drum Lifter, Drum Slings and Dispensers,

-       Gator Grip® Drum Grab, Triple Truck Drum Attachment , Ergonomic Drum Handlers, Fork Drum Grabs, Fork Truck Drum Dispensers, Poly Drum Lifters,

-       FM Approved Drum Faucets, Valves, Vents, Gauges, Wires, Drum Wrenches, Deheaders, Pumps, Drip Pans,


B – Hand Truck

-       100 Series Industrial Duty Steel Hand Trucks, Convertible Steel Hand Trucks, Greenline Standard Duty Steel Hand Trucks,

-       Touch-N-Tilt® Trucks, Heavy Duty Steel Hand Trucks, Economy, Tilting, High Frame Hand Trucks, Curb Ramps,

-       Aluminum Cobra-Lite Hand Trucks, Options, Components, Handles, Aluminum Cobra-Lite Design it Yourself,

-       Aluminum Cobra Convertible, Spartan Economy Convertible, Spartan Shelf Carts, Mini Cobra, 3 Position Cobra, Spartan III, Powered CobraPro, Options,

-       Power LiftKar HD Stairclimbing Trucks, Power LIFTKAR SAL Stairclimbing Trucks, Stairking Stair Climbing Trucks,

-       Vending & Appliance Trucks, Steel & Aluminum, Standard & Heavy Duty, Cylinder Trucks and Carts, Drum Hand Trucks, Wesco® Wheels,


C – Lift Equipment

-        Pallet Trucks Manual & Powered, Pallet Jack Chock, Backrest Guards, Steel Pedalifts: Winch & Hydraulic,

-        Cylinder & Universal Lifts, Hydraulic & Winch Lite Lifts, Triple Truck, Aluminum Pedalifts, Hand Winch Lifts,

-        Platform Stackers, Thrifty Stackers, Drum & 1,000 lb Winch Stackers, Fork Stackers, Manual & Electric Value Lifts, Office Lifts, Mini Winch Stacker,

-        Counter-Balance Powered Stackers, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 lb Capacity Powered Stackers - Platform, Fork, Fixed & Adjustable Base Legs, Telescoping Fork Stackers,

-        Wesco® Lift Tables, Capacities from 200 to 6000 lb Manual and Powered Lift, Lexco® Hydraulic Lift Tables & Die Handlers, Scissors Lift Tables & Die Lift Table,

-        Trolleys, Pallet Leveler, Rais-N-Rol™ Machinery Movers,


D – Platform Trucks & Cart

-        Platform Trucks - Aluminum, Steel Grid, Steel, Narrow Aisle Shelf Cart, Power Drive Platform Truck,

-        Wire Cage & Package Platform, Panel Carts,

-        Aluminum, Steel, Wood U-Boats, Folding-Handle Platform Trucks; Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Plastic & Steel Service Carts,

-        Wire Basket & Table Top Office Carts, File Cabinet Truck, Desk Mover, Plastic Platform, Lightweight Folding Trucks,

-        Heavy Duty Machine Dolly & Rollers, Plastic Box Trucks, Casters, Bumpers, Handles, Wood Dollies, Tilt Carts


E – Dock & Shipping

-        Dock Lights / Strapping Truck and Tools,

-        Strip Doors,

-        NSF Approved Wire Shelving & Accessories,

-        Trailer Stabilizing Jacks / Cargo Bars / Pallet Pullers,

-        Transfer Cart/Fork Extensions/Maintenance Platform,




2. Vestil Manufacturing Corporation

Vestil Manufacturing Corporation is an industry leader in the manufacturing and distributing of industrial material handling equipment. We feature over 1,000 different product lines, many of which are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. We stand behind our products with people that listen to our customer’s needs and find the best solution for their application. We deliver value to our customers by engineering new designs and products which increase productivity, improve workplace ergonomics, and decrease worker injury. Vestil presently has 415+ employees and over 1,000,000 square feet of warehouse and manufacturing space. We provide a broad product line to our customers in an efficient manner allowing for the best possible customer experience.

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Key products

1.     Vestil Loading dock equipment

2.     Vestil Ergonomic Solution

3.     Vestil Packaging equipment

4.     Vestil Gantry and Jib Cranes

5.     Vesti Fork Truck Attachment

6.     Vestil Steel Hoppers

7.     Vestil Industrial Ladders

8.     Vestil Protective Barriers

9.     Vestil Drum Handling Equipment

10.  Vestil Industrial Carts and Dollies

11.  Vestil Storage Solutions

12.  Vestil Facilities Maintenances







  Hong Kong:


 Office (852) 9627 9480


 Unit 1104A, 11/F, Kai Tak Comm. Bldg.

317-319 Des Voeux Road Central, HK


We are the representative of Wesco Mfg, Ultra Tech, Spilfyter, Mr Mckenic, Vestil. in the region of Hong Kong, China, Mongolia, South East Asia Countries (including Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Taiwan, Indonesia, India,Sri Lanka, Brunei, East Timor, Myanmar), Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand.

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